Take control of your light!

Getting Started with Artificial Light for Food Photography

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What if you never had to worry about your light again?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • you've just baked the most beautiful chocolate cake but the sun is setting and you don't have enough light for your shot
  • you're already shooting with flash but can't figure out why your light looks so harsh and flat
  • you have an idea of how you want your light to look but you can't seem to translate your vision to your images
  • you just don't have good windows at home; the best window light is in the bathroom

What if your photo shoots could go like this ....

You can visualize how your light is going to look before you pick up the camera.

Know the camera setting you need to get the shot no matter where or what you're shooting.

Have an understanding of where to place shiny items like cutlery and glassware to reduce unwanted reflections.

What people are saying ...

"This book is a steal for the price and it won’t just leave you confused like so many online tutorials, but rather, it will nurture you into feeling confident and definitely more skilled.

- Kristy, Peppercorn Creative

Margaret Cook Eat Share

"I highly recommend this guide to all who wish to learn or improve their skills in food photography as you are a wonderful teacher, highly skilled and an excellent communicator which is evident in the clear way you have written this guide.

- Margaret, Create, Cook, Share

"Working with Darina has been one of the best experiences in my photography education. After learning with her, I've improved my weak points and developed my skills in food photography and am now able to walk alone with confidence. The results are speaking for themselves."

-Tono, Spain

After reading this guide you'll ...

Understand how to ...

  • troubleshoot your light to make it dynamic instead of dull
  • choose the right modifier for your food story
  • know exactly where to place your lights to get the look you want
  • apply the Inverse Square Law to manipulate the quality of your light
  • position reflective items like glass and cutlery and avoid hot spots on your food
  • create hard or soft light no matter what equipment you're using
  • take control of your camera settings to get the correct exposure with flash or continuous light  

Be able to ...

  • take control of your shadows to create evocative images with depth and emotion
  • shape your light source to create mood
  • effectively light a large tablecape (it's not how you think)
  • shoot with multiple lights
  • mix flash with ambient light
  • make informed decisions about the gear you need for your food photography
  • mimic window light so even a pro won't be able to tell if you shot the image with natural light or artificial light  

LightShaping: Getting Started with Artificial Light for Food Photography.

Sick and tired of chasing the sun? Know that artificial light can make all the difference but don't know where to start? Get ready to change your photography life!

With 150 pages of content, this eBook has everything you need to take your food photos to the next level with artificial light.

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Are you feeling the limitations of natural light?

Do you struggle to get the right exposure with your food photography because there just isn't enough light when you have time to shoot?

Or maybe you're already using artificial light but can't figure out why your light looks flat, and you can't get that same dynamic look that comes so effortlessly to you when working with natural light?

LightShaping: Getting Started with Artificial Light for Food Photography will empower your creative process with all the nuts-and-bolts of shooting with flash and continuous light.

Tired of piecing together generic info on the Internet, trying to figure out how it applies to food photography?

This ebook drills down to the core principles you need to know to successfully use artificial light to take your images to the next level.

Finally take control of your light!

Artificial Lighting - Images

Imagine if you could...

  • take your food photos at any time of day, even in the winter time or after your kids have gone to bed
  • shoot images that mimic window light so beautifully no one can tell if they were shot with natural or artificial light?
  • understand how to get the perfect exposure every time
  • take pour and splash shots without having to worry about blurry photos and digital noise
  • photograph glassware without ugly and distracting reflections
  • shoot with artificial light without having to invest $$$ in a ton of expensive gear



The limitations of natural light and why you MUST learn how to effectively use artificial light as a pro food photographer.


The terms you need to know when working with artificial light. A handy reference guide for when you're shooting.


Understanding Light. Shooting from intuition will only take you so far. To get the light you want, you need to understand a few basic principles of light and how to apply them.


Lighting Equipment.
Build an intentional kit of gear for the food that you shoot. How to decide whether to use flash or continuous light.


Shooting with Artificial Light.
Why shooting with artificial light is so empowering and


Lighting Set-Ups.
How to create the most common lighting styles as well as the ones to avoid. Use the diagrams to help you place your lights.


Creating Mood.
The tools that create mood in a photograph and how to use them to shape your light for maximum impact.


Case Studies.
I peel back the curtain for behind-the-scenes of how I lit my most popular images.

What BONUSES do I get with my purchase?

The Essential
Gear Guide

$22 value
The essential equipment you need for shooting food, with tons of gear recommendations at every price point.

Understanding Exposure

$24 value
All about the ins-and-outs of getting a correct exposure when working with artificial light. Metering, reading the histogram, and how to shoot in challenging light situations.

Principles of Light

$14 value
Cheat sheet of the principles of light discussed in the eBook. Perfect to have open on your phone to reference when shooting!


What if I've never used artificial light before?

If you're new to artificial light, then this guide is perfect for you. I'll walk you through the required equipment, key lighting set-ups, and all of the nuts-and-bolts of shooting with flash and constant light. You'll learn important concepts like angle of incidence and inverse square law and how to apply them to improve your food photography.

There is lots of free info about lighting on YouTube. Why should I get this book?

No doubt there is a ton of free information online, but most of it is general and it can be hard to figure out how it applies to food photography. Lighting courses cost hundreds of dollars, which can be a big investment.

Also, visual people tend to learn well by reading. You have all the key points at your fingertips, without having to backtrack through video, looking for what you missed.

I'm already shooting with flash. Why do I need this book?

Unless you've already mastered artificial light, there is always more to learn. This guide will help you refine your technique and show you key strategies that you can implement when working with flash and constant light to make your images look natural and appealing.  

I have a small budget. Are you going to tell me to buy a bunch of expensive gear?

Photography equipment can absolutely get very expensive, but you can make artificial light work for you for under $200. Let me show you how.  


Take control of your light!

Don't miss out on this special offer..

About the author

Hi--I'm Darina. I'm a commercial food photographer and photography educator. In addition to shooting for clients all over the world, I teach food photography at an art college in my hometown of Vancouver, Canada.

I help food bloggers and photographers elevate their skills so they can get paid to do work that truly lights them up.

I went to photography school because I struggled with the technical side and was spinning my wheels with the photo education I was finding online.

Now I use my background as a career coach, and Master's degree in writing to create accessible, easy-to-understand educational materials that will help you take your food photography and business to the next level.

Darina Kopcok-Photography Coaching

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