Composition Overlays

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My eBook Rule-of-Thirds: A Guide to Composition for Food Photography first brought you the concept of composition templates. The inspiration for the 42 food photography templates came from my own client storyboards and pre-visualization sketchbook.

Now the templates are available as overlays you can import into Lightroom and Capture One Pro while shooting tethered and easily compose beautiful food images with maximum impact.

Whether used as creative prompts, or a map to guide you in placing your compositional elements within the frame, the composition overlays help you to take your food photography to the next level.

Rule of Thirds Composition overlays

What Can You Achieve With These Composition Overlays?

Whether you're a beginner or a more advanced food shooter, chances are that you sometimes struggle with composition.

These composition overlays are transparent PNG files that can be used in Live View in Capture One Pro. Compose your images in real time without having to second guess where to place your various compositional elements .

They can also be used with Tethered Capture in Lightroom as composition and cropping guides.

Roughly set up your props according to the overlay, take a shot, tweak the placement and take another shot. With the overlays as a guide, you'll instantly be able to take food photos that follow the principles of good composition without having to second guess where to put all the elements of your food story.

Composition Template Overlay


  • 42 compositional designs
  • total of 84 transparent composition overlays in 3:2 and 5:4 aspect ratios
  • use while shooting tethered using Live View in Capture One Pro to compose your image in real time
  • use as Loupe Overlays in Lightroom to help you compose images that follow the rules of good composition
  • can be used with any RAW editor that accepts PNG files
  • comes with my BONUS eGuide: Getting Started with Shooting Tethered for Food Photography
Composition Overlay - Granola

Are you frustrated by your styling? Don't know where to place your props in your scene?

Maybe you understand the principle behind the Golden Ratio but still have a hard time visualizing where to place the various compositional elements of the food story you're trying to tell.

If composition is something that still doesn't come that intuitively to you, these template overlays will not only serve as a guide but also speed up that creative process.

How would it feel if the next time you shoot you were able to take better shots than you ever did before?

What if you could get repeatable results instead a perfect yet accidental shot that you couldn't get reproduce again?

What if you started gaining more followers on Instagram, or attracted potential clients because your food photography looked so stunning?

Composition Template Example
Composition Overlay - Smoothies

Whether you're a food blogger or photographer who is just starting out or an experienced pro who feels stuck in rut when coming up with new ways to frame your visual story, these composition overlay templates will give you endless inspiration for your food photography.

What if this ....

could give you this?

composition template

Live View Tethering

Use with Live View in Capture One Pro, in Lightroom with the ON1 plug-in, or any RAW editor that accepts PNG files.

Powerful Composition

Speed up your shooting workflow. Choose from 42 overlay designs, ranging from minimalist compositions to more complex tablescapes.

Controlled Cropping

The overlays come in the two most popular aspect ratios; 3:2 and 5:4--which gives you the proper cropping for Instagram.

Creative Inspiration

Each overlay is simple enough to give you an endless variety of compositions, while taking the guesswork out of placing your props.

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Composition Overlays

Gayle used Overlay #3 to create this stunning image of lychee fruit.

“These composition overlays are genius! Adding them to my workflow allows me to quickly and confidently compose a beautiful scene in half the time.” Gayle, Gayle McLeod Food + Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What tethering programs can I use the overlays with?

There are more than fifty software programs that allow you to use tethered capture. You need to look at each program individually to ensure they are compatible with PNG files.

What is the best program to use with the overlays?

Capture One is the perfect all in-one-solution for tethered capture, as it allows you to use overlays with Live View and completely control the camera from within the software interface for a speedy workflow.

Can I use these overlays with Live View?

You can use the overlays with any Live View software that accepts PNG files.

How can I use the overlays with Lightroom?

The overlays will give you a transparent file to work with in Lightroom. Roughly place your props on set, take a shot, and then tweak the elements of your scene according to where they fall on the template overlay.

Following the templates as a guide while shooting will automatically ensure that your scene follows the principles of good photography composition.

overlays bonus

As a BONUS you will receive my 24-page guide Getting Started Shooting Tethered for Food Photography.

This guide will take you through the ins-and-outs of shooting tethered and provide you with the workaround that will allow you to shoot in Live View while tethering in Lightroom.

Send me the composition overlays for $37 USD
Composition Bundle

Want to get the whole package? Get the Composition Bundle for $49. The bundle includes the Rule-of-Thirds eBook, the Overlays and the BONUS 24-page eGuide Getting Started with Tethered Capture for Food Photography.

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